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Imported Bags / Indent Orders

The thumbnails and their respective pages are just to give you ideas; if the bags are made in Australia all details can be adapted or changed; fabric type, colour dyed, transfer, embroidery or print.

The bags presented here are just to give you an idea of what you can do.

Usual fabrics include:

As with the bags that we custom make here we also custom make bags overseas. We have a number of established relationships with overseas manufacturers and you can be confident that what you order will be made to our usual high standards.

There are a number of additional conditions which apply, such as minimum quantities and turn around times, but as these vary from order to order, you will need to contact us to discuss.

We hold a range of plain bags in stock so that we can print and deliver to you in a very short turn around time.

We have a number of different pre-made bags waiting for your message. Calico bags with short, mid-length and long handles and polypropylene bags in a number of different colours.