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Picture Frame Magnet

Code: 13 picture frame magnets 2

We have a range of standard size magnetic picture frames to fit most standard photo prints. With our magnetic frames, you get double impact because the press-out “centres” can be used as normal magnets to deliver a secondary advertising message.

Photo frames are generally produced in the 0.6mm thickness which is more than adequate to keep photos, cuttings or your favourite piece of art on the fridge.

We have many shapes and sizes in stock (see our shapes catalogue) or you can design your own at extra cost.

Dandy Picture Frame Magnets are a great idea for advertising, promotions, school photos, product launches or special events. Get your message where it belongs - on the fridge where it will be seen by family and friends dozens of times a day!

Design hints: Picture frames require a little planning to allow for the press-out centres. Most frames have a single cut between centre and border, so the design should blend smoothly. Because of the flexibility of magnetic material, it is important to keep critical images and type 2mm from the edge to allow for slight variations in cutting. Bleed outside backgrounds 3mm past edge.

Use CMYK for maximum colour effect.

Minimum quantity: 1000

Supplied bulk packed; other packaging on request; centres can be removed if required.

Finished thickness: 0.6mm, 0.8mm

Magnet Shapes


Square with rounded corners


Rectangles with round corners





People and Bodies

Speech Bubbles


Triangles and Stars

Slot Magnets



Hexagons, Diamonds and Octagons



Rectangles with a difference

Bottles and Jars

Circles with a difference

Keys and Keyholes