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Dye Cut Badges

Code: 12 dye cut badges

Inexpensive, colourful and unique – our diecut badges are quality offset or digitally printed with high-gloss lamination. They have a sturdy 1mm card backing and are generally less expensive than cut-to-shape plastic badges. Ideal for short-term promotions, fund-raising etc

Go for one of our stock shapes or design your own, these badges are extremely lightweight and highly effective. Shapes can be more intricate than plastic badges.

Fittings: Plastic badge pin, pin-clip

Sizes: Virtually unlimited.

Design hints: Similar to button badges, keep all type and essential design elements within 3mm of badge edge, bleed off all background colours to 5mm past badge edge. Less complicated shapes will be more economical.

Minimum quantity: 1000 (Supplied bulk packed)